Our Services



No matter the event, we’ve got you covered. From large conferences and tradeshows, to private, small meetings, and anything in between, our team has the skills, resources, and experience working within the industry to guarantee a successful, affordable, and enjoyable planning process, onsite support, and post-event wrap up.



We carry various turnkey exhibits in inventory and can provide a custom design and quote to ensure your project or exhibit meets your vision. Our skilled project managers and designers are dedicated to bringing dreams to fruition; we will walk you through every step of design collaboration, including virtual meetings allowing clients to work with our designers in real-time. While your design or project may be unique to your needs, we work diligently to stay on budget, because being unique and innovative shouldn’t come with a steep price tag.



With our state-of the-art, in-house graphic printing shop, we offer various branding opportunities through signage, banners, custom-branded builds, cling graphics, and more. With the most up-to-date software, printing & laminating equipment, our team members provide design support and assistance throughout the entire creation, submission & printing process. Contact us today, let’s collaborate and create together.



We specialize in floor plan design and management, relying on our internal software and onsite experience to maximize booth spaces, optimize flow, and direct traffic to target areas. Our team will work with you directly to create an efficient and attractive floor plan, offering updates and revisions free of charge. We handle fire marshal submissions, and can assist with booth number assignments, aisle management, CAD drawings, and more.


Let our account and project managers bring your vision to life, while easing the stress involved with planning and executing events. We offer support from start to finish, providing creative, innovative, and flexible options to ensure your event or exhibition is a success.



We offer storage of advance freight, with logistical support for any of your shipping needs, inbound and outbound. We partner with various logistics companies to guarantee your shipment arrives when you need it, while keeping costs low.



TriCord labor services provide you with skilled, professional workers to install and dismantle your exhibit or display. We offer labor, rigging, forklifts with drivers, boom lifts with operators, complete set-up and removal services through licensed Union technicians. We foster relationships with unions all over the country and internationally to ensure our customers always have the best service on hand, upholding our standards of professionalism, efficiency, positive attitudes and respect.


We carry an Electrical Contractors License, an extensive inventory of UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) approved equipment and are proud to partner with the City of Monterey as the exclusive electrical provider for the Monterey Conference Center. Our licensed electricians can walk you through the pre-order process to make sure you have enough power allocated and are available onsite to assist with the installation/removal, troubleshooting, and any onsite additional needs or support. Our familiarity and experience working in venues across the country allow us to provide electrical services in the most energy efficient and cost-effective manner, while meeting the National Electrical Code.


We provide onsite cleaning and debris removal, dedicated to sorting and discarding trash and recyclables accordingly, no matter the size of your event or meeting.