At TriCord, we understand the importance and responsibility of being environmentally and socially aware. While events often tend to be viewed as more wasteful than sustainable, we have put into play the below practices to help reduce our carbon footprint, give back to the community, and avoid one-time use materials whenever possible.

Water Conservation & Pollution Prevention: TriCord’s main office & warehouse resides on company owned property and recycles all groundwater. The filtration system, installed in 2005, allows us to retain all our own groundwater, recycle this groundwater for reusing within our facility, as well as helping prevent pollution of any neighboring businesses or communities.

Trucking & Logistics: All TriCord bobtail trucks and tractor trailers are Certified Clean Idle heavy-duty diesel vehicles. Whenever possible, we consolidate shipments and deliver via small courier van, rather than shipping via larger freight carrier.

Exhibitor & Show Management Rentals: We offer a variety of sustainable exhibition products, including biodegradable trash liners and wastebaskets made from 100 percent recycled materials, Energy Star approved lighting, and flooring produced with post-industrial recycled content. All rental furniture, flooring, and custom display materials are reused until they are no longer show-presentable. We have two warehouses, located in Marina and Monterey, CA, dedicated to repairing and storing these reusable properties until they can no longer be used and are donated locally.

Reusable Properties & Signage: Many of our client relationships span multiple years, allowing us to offer reusable signage and structures, often at discounted rates. Whenever possible, we highly encourage our clients to utilize fabric graphics, properties, and signage opportunities, as a simple but effective way to reuse materials and reduce waste. We can offer warehouse storage to help reduce our emissions and limit shipping back and forth from event to event.

We pride ourselves on utilizing falconboard, better known as bioboard, for our printed signage, to guarantee any one-time use signage and branding can be safely recycled. This corrugated, rigid material is approved by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®), an initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management in North America and responsible procurement of forest products around the world (Source: Our in-house graphics department avoids use of any Volatile Organic Compound emitting inks.

Online Ordering – Boomer Commerce: TriCord launched our Boomer Commerce Storefront to offer exhibitors the option of placing secure orders online. Our user-friendly storefront provides each exhibitor with personal login information and a password to ensure their information is secure and to allow access to place orders at their convenience. We stopped distributing printed exhibitor kits to help cut down on our paper waste, and still accept electronic orders via email and fax when applicable, while encouraging all clients with the available resources to place orders via the online storefront. All services and vendor forms offered in our PDF exhibitor kits are included and accessible on this storefront, as well.

Event Cleaning Services: When providing cleaning services for an event, we dedicate ourselves to separation and sorting of landfill, recyclable, and compostable items.

Local Donations: Once flooring and rental furniture can no longer be reused, they are donated locally to the “Last Chance Mercantile,” approximately 6 miles from TriCord’s Marina warehouse. Last Chance Mercantile is dedicated to salvaging materials destined for landfills, offering these reusable items free of charge, or at greatly discounted rates for citizens. TriCord’s flooring, specifically, has been repurposed and utilized in local schools, churches, community organizations, and homes, allowing us to reduce our landfill waste and give back to the community that gave us our start.

As the preferred decorator for various, annual produce and food shows, we dedicate ourselves to donating any perishable or leftover foods from tradeshows and conferences to local food banks. In 2018, TriCord and partner PMA Food Service donated over 18,000 lbs. of fresh produce to the Food Bank for Monterey County.

Another program we are proud to contribute to was created by one of TriCord’s veterans, Robert Morris. “Pass it On Please” is dedicated to repurposing waste from tradeshows, including giveaways, swag, and other various materials, by donating to charities, foster programs, schools, and other local organizations that support and promote productive, educational, and safe activities/programs. Through this program we are not only able to reduce the waste we send into landfills, but to also contribute directly to the future of our communities, the children.

As we continue to service clients and exhibitors through our event and marketing support, we are exploring more innovative & effective alternatives and practices for achieving less waste and a more sustainable future for events.